Health Problem Could Have Caused Plane to Crash

The Pulaski County Coroner says a health condition could have been what caused a pilot, Frank Kaiser, to crash his small plane.

The coroner says an autopsy is planned to determine whether the pilot was dead before the plane crashed. We're also learning more about the history of the single engine plane, left mangled in Pulaski County Thursday night.

27 NEWSFIRST has learned the plane went down three times in the past. The previous owner tells us he had just sold it to Kaiser about a week ago, before that, he says the 1963 plane had been involved in several emergency landings because of engine failure, the latest just four years ago.

We continue to wait on the autopsy report to find out whether the plane or the pilot's health caused the crash.

The NTSB was scheduled to be on scene Friday to begin their investigation. The pilot killed in the crash was from Rockwood, Tennessee near Knoxville.

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