Family dealing with third house fire in nine months

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A Central Kentucky family is once again starting over, because their home has caught fire for the third time in nine months.

They had just recently moved into a rental home in Nicholas County, when it caught fire.

The fire sparked Monday around noon.

Fire crews say they did what they could to salvage the home, but it's now a total loss.

Investigators believe this was an electrical fire, caused by a water heater, that had sparked a small fire just a week before. Investigators say the family and the homeowner were in the process of fixing it, when it was too late, striking the second fire.

We're told the family that lives there, Henry and Kimberly Corey, and their three children, were not injured.

"It's hard," says Kimberly Corey, visbily upset by the recent fire. " I don't know what to say about it. I can't believe it."

This is the third house fire the family has endured in the past year.

In January, just four miles from yesterday's fire, the Coreys lost a home in a fire that started from a wood burning stove.

Last summer, the family lost their mobile home in a fire in Somerset.

"There's nothing suspicious about it," Chief Mark Hughes of the Nicholas County Fire Department said. "They're just having another run of bad luck. They try really hard, but the harder they try, the worse things are going for them."

People in Nicholas County are working to help the Coreys, who we're told are staying with relatives in Bath County.

We're told all the family was able to salvage from this latest fire was the clothes they were wearing.

"In a matter of 10 or 15 minutes, we see everything you have go up," says Kimberly Corey.

The fire chief says the family did not have renter's insurance. He and the Salvation Army are now working to gather food and clothes to donate to the family.

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