Headley-Whitney Museum Expanding

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - A local museum housing a unique jewelry collection and other decorative items is expanding.

An additional three-thousand square feet of space will add room for new exhibits, allowing the museum to further capitalize on its affiliation with the Smithsonian Institution.

The expansion more than doubles the size of the main museum building's size.

Jewelry designer George Headley opened the museum in 1973.

Extra gallery space allows the museum, located near horse farms, to bring Smithsonian collections to town. There will be new galleries, storage space, an exhibit preparation area and staff offices.

Sarah Henrich, the decorative arts museum's executive director, says the museum has not been able to take full advantage of its ties to the Smithsonian because it didn't have enough contiguous space for large exhibits. The museum became affiliated with the Smithsonian in 2003.

Construction is expected to be done by next May.

The museum, which was built on Headley's farm, houses the designer's collection of bibelots, which are small, ornate objects.

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