Towing owner who faces charges says he's not guilty

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A towing company owner faces several charges after police say he was ripping people off.

Last week, Lexington Police arrested 48-year-old George 'Mike' Winchester who co-owns Winchester Towing.

He was in court today, talking about the charges against him.

Mark Kennedy has more.

Mike Winchester says he has nothing to hide and will continue to fight what he calls police harrassment.

Winchester pleaded not guilty to several charges of theft.

Court records state he over charged people after towing their vehicle, when they came to get it back.

A city ordinance, states a certain amount should be charged when releasing vehicles towed.

Documents state his company was charging hundreds more than they should have.

"I'm not guilty, I'm not guilty. I didn't do anything wrong. This is total police harrassment and I'm going to prove it," Winchester says.

The city of lexington does have a contract with Bluegrass Towing for any city vehicle or emergency towing needs.

Winchester says he is planning to file a civil lawsuit against the city because of what he calls unfair and unethical treatment.

According to court records, there are several civil lawsuits pending against Winchester, related to over charging.

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