Bill would hold mold removal companies more accountable

Brian Nurick almost found out what can happen with mold the hard way, when he discovered spores in a Lexington home he was very close to buying. He didn’t think finding a place to fix the problem would be a problem.

“We looked at remediation, there are zero standards in place,” said Nurick.

Nurick says he had trouble finding someone 100 percent certified to remove the mold in what he hoped would be the dream home for his family. A state lawmaker says that’s because none exist.

Representative Bob Damron is sponsoring a bill to hold mold removal companies accountable, and to require they earn certification from the state.

“There’s no legislation in place, that separates the great companies from the fly by night organizations,” said Rep. Damron, D-Nicholasville, who introduced House Bill 44 before the Senate Committee on Licensing, Occupations, and Administrative Regulations.

Damron says anyone can say they are qualified to remove mold, and not have the least bit of certification to do it.

If passed, the bill would also give the attorney general the authority to enforce mold remediation consumer protection.

The bill has already cleared the full House, and on Tuesday, it unanimously passed the Senate panel. It next goes to the full Senate.

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