Helicopter Pilots Face Numerous Challenges In The Air

The National Transportation Safety Board team has begun its investigation of yesterday's deadly collision of two news helicopters.

While trying to get footage of a high speed chase in Phoenix, the two helicopters slammed into each other in mid-air, killing all four people on board, two pilots and two photographers.

They were two of five helicopters in the Phoenix sky last night, as police were chasing a stolen vehicle through the street below.

WKYT has the only news helicopter in the area, but that doesn't mean the skyies are always a safe place for flight, and it takes a great deal of teamwork between the camera person and the pilot to bring it to your screen.

When you're covering the news from above it's easy to get lost in the story.

A high speed chase like the one in Arizona is a perfect recipe for danger.

The pilot is trying to follow a moving target while allowing a photographer to get the best possible shot. sometimes he's not alone up there, and constant communication is key, that and always having a way out of difficult situations.

Skyfirst is the only news helicopter in Lexington, but that doesn't mean it's up there alone.

During the Comair disaster Skyfirst was one of many helicopters flying in the same air space.

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