Blood Shortages In Other States Spur Donors' Drive In Central Kentucky

Lexington, KY - Blood shortages in a number of other states have prompted blood center officials in Central Kentucky to issue a major call for donors in an all-out effort to keep supplies plentiful.

Kentucky Blood Center spokesman Jim Tinker told WKYT-TV the center is not going to wait until a shortage occurs here and have instead launched an "end of summer blitz" to boost donations over the next few weeks.

Tinker says past and regular donors are asked to "step-up" again and even people who have been rejected previously should retry. Tinker says people who may not have been allowed to give blood before because of a medical condition should come in and see if they can give now during the blitz.

The Kentucky Blood Center, located in Lexington, supplies nearly 70 hospitals and clinics in 62 counties in Central & Eastern Kentucky. Officials say they will be offering a number of incentives to attract donations.

Tinker says potential donors can find out where to give and sign up for an appointment on-line at

Officials in parts of Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Montana and Utah have all reported end-of-summer blood shortages over the past week.

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