Health care protestors crowd Lexington Congressional office

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Tuesday night a national debate came to Lexington with activists speaking out on the health care bill that lawmakers in Washington are considering. A vote on the bill could come by the end of the week, but it's a controversial topic that has people on both sides working hard to make their voices heard.

Activists from the Tea Party movement and other conservative groups converged in front of Congressman Ben Chandler's Lexington office, but it wasn't to protest the lawmaker. Organizers of the event say they support Chandler's opposition to the current health care plan before Congress. Attendees like Lewis Hicks say they want to see the bill defeated in the House. "I think this is a budget-busting bill. We can't afford it," Hicks said.

As a play on the expression, "pitchforks and torches," many brought small torches for a candlelight vigil. A light-hearted gesture but a serious message.

Eric Wilson is the director of the conservative group, the 912 Project. He says this event is the culmination of months of activism. "They've been making phone calls, writing letters. They're frustrated. They want their voice heard," Wilson told 27 Newsfirst, "This is a way they can come out and just make a visual image and say, hey, we're out here in number. We want to be heard. We don't want this health care bill."

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