Search for missing child has happy ending

A two-hour search for an 11-year-old boy involving dozens of Lexington police and firefighters came to an end with the boy being found nearly three miles away from where he was supposed to be.

The boy's mother says she was waiting for him after soccer practice at Lexington Christian Academy but never saw him come off the field. He was at the field taking part in a practice for a community league, and was not an LCA student. The boy says he looked for his mother's car but didn't find it near the field.

That's when the mother contacted police and an all out search began.
Two hours later, the boy was found by a family member walking on South Broadway near downtown.

He told his mom he was walking home because he didn't see anyone there to pick him up from practice. The boy and his family live in Paris, nearly 20 miles away.

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