Berea Set To Decide Fate Of Alcohol Sales

BEREA, Ky. (AP) - The city of Berea will decide Tuesday whether to allow some restaurants to serve alcohol, a measure that the dry town of 13-thousand has shot down before.

The special election has divided the town between business owners and their supporters and religious groups. Several churches are pushing against the ordinance, saying alcohol sales are morally wrong and will destroy the town's character.

The measure would allow eateries seating more than one-hundred patrons to serve alcohol.

Middletown Baptist Church pastor Bill Woods says he fears that with alcohol sales, crime will increase and residents who have been impacted by alcohol in their lives will go do back down that same path. Business owners, though, say education will help keep crime and alcohol abuse under control.

Main Street Cafe owner Sune Frederiksen said being able to offer his customers a glass of beer or wine with their meal would keep some tourists from running toward the exit.

Boone Tavern Hotel & Restaurant dining room supervisor Marie Karlsson says most of the time when visitors come in they're looking for a bar. She says they question how it can be called a "tavern," but doesn't sell alcoholic beverages.

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