Stolen School Computers Recovered

Teachers at McCreary Central High school feared they might not see lese laptops and desktops again.

Surveillance video from early July 12 shows 4 people with their heads covered entering the school. Police now say there were actually 6, all 2006 graduates of McCreary Central High School and they say 19 year old Lonnie Hatfield, Junior was arrested.

“Yeah it's a shame. It's a shame for all the other students. It's a violation. Everyone feels a little violated by this,” says Jeff Terry of McCreary County schools.

Police say Hatfield was arrested right away because he didn't cooperate at first. In order to recover the computers, police didn't arrest the other 5, whom they say did cooperate. However, those people could eventually be arrested based on what a grand jury decides.

More than $19,000 worth of computers were stolen, and most were returned. Some teachers say police told them the only real motive behind the heist was boredom and that the suspects just wanted the computers to play games on.

“Some of them were damaged. And we're going to be working with that. Some were actually wiped out. Some other applications were placed on them,” says Terry.

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