Kentucky Senate approves Amanda's Bill

Through both the House and Senate no lawmaker has voted against Amanda’s Bill. And on Thursday it sailed through the Senate 38-0.

The version passed by the Senate would require a person to violate a domestic violence order before a judge could order that person to wear an ankle monitor. That device would be hooked up to GPS technology and would alert police and the victim if the respondent gets too close to the victim. The bill is named after Amanda Ross, who was allegedly killed by former lawmaker Steve Nunn. Nunn was Ross’ fiancé and a DVO was issued on him because of his alleged past behavior towards Ross. Ross’ mother watched the Senate approve the bill.

“The Senate vote today is a validation of the need to improve protection for the victims of domestic violence. As Speaker (Greg) Stumbo said, when we began this process, we wanted the tragedy that ended Amanda’s life, to make a difference for others,” said Diana Ross, Amanda’s mother.

There are a number of changes in the Senate version that will now have to be approved by the House but Rep. Stumbo says he doesn’t think the House will have problems with them.

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