Mother and boyfriend arrested for abusing toddler

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A Montgomery county mother and her boyfriend have been indicted for abusing a toddler.

27 NEWSFIRST was there as 20-year old Secili Cunliffe and 23-year old Brian Ritchie were arrested on criminal abuse charges. They're accused of abusing Cunliffe's 17-month-old daughter Destiny.

Court documents state Cunliffe and Ritchie didn't take the little girl to the hospital until twenty four hours after she was injured. She was then diagnosed with a broken arm, hair was pulled from her head and she had several bruises.

Cunliffe and Ritchie told 27NEWSFIRST, as they were being placed in a police car, that it was an accident.

Destiny's father Michael Centers says he is going to fight to keep his daughter. Right now, he has emergency custody, pending a hearing on Friday.

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