Thieves ransack senior center

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They may not have realized it at the time, but when thieves broke through this window and ransacked the Powell County Senior Citizens Center, they weren't just stealing from this building, but from some of the most vulnerable people throughout the area.

Volunteers bring a two week supply of frozen meals to people like Lucille Layne who can't make it in to the Senior Citizens Center. "It's a shame that this food has been stolen, and it hurts me to the bottom of my heart," Layne said.

Thaleena Allen has worked at the center for 25 years. When she got to work in the morning, she first noticed the television and other electronics were gone, but she continued to notice more things missing throughout the day. "They essentially emptied our kitchen out mostly because they took all of our pots and pans," Allen said, "They cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer. They even took the packets of catsup and mayonnaise and dressings for salads."

Those at the center say they'll miss the things thieves took from them, but what worries them even more is the long-term impact on the people most in need. "We're allotted so many meals, and so what they took, we won't have to give to the homes," Allen told 27 Newsfirst.

The center is funded in part by federal grant money, but many of the stolen items were bought with money the senior citizens raised themselves.

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