Berea Residents Head To The Voting Booths

Voters in part of Madison County are heading to the polls today for two different wet/dry votes.

People who live in Berea will decide on restaurant only alcohol sales.

Voters near Richmond's Exit 90 will decide whether package stores can open up in the North Richmond-Arlington precinct.

The voting booths have been delivered, and now all pollsters in Berea can do is wait and see if their community will stay dry or become moist.

The referendum in Berea will decide if restaurants seating more than 100 will have the option to serve alcoholic drinks to their customers. It's an issue that's heated up both sides of the fence, with several churches are fighting the ordinance while others support it.

As voting continues within the Berea city limits, one precinct in the Richmond area along South Keeneland Drive will decide whether package stores can open up by Exit 90.

Berea residents have until 6 p.m. tonight to cast their vote.

Most of Richmond already allows a form of alcohol sales.

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