Kentucky Students Could Lose Drivers License If They Don't Pass

Wednesday a new law goes into effect that will clearly affect students and families across the state of Kentucky. It's called the no pass, no drive law.

For school students driving is a privilege that could soon be taken away if they don't make the grade.

Many say the new law would be good incentive to keep grades up and to graduate.

In 2006, 6,000 students in Kentucky dropped out of public schools.
The system works when students go for their license of permit their grades shows up in the database.

If the student is already licensed, that licensed will then be revoked if they don't meet the requirements.

There is one way the rule can be waived. If a student can prove losing their license would create an undue hardship on the family, because they must drive to work, the rule can be waived.

The state transportation cabinet would have the final say so.

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