Former students accused of robbing their former teacher

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Richmond police have arrested two people, in connection with a home invasion that occurred early Wednesday morning.

Officials say they responded to a call around 6:00 this morning, at a home in the 600 block of Oldham Avenue to investigate a report of a robbery.

Upon arrival, officers met with a woman who reported that she was awakened by her barking dog and got up to investigate.

As she was walking down the hallway, she was confronted by a man, with a handgun, with a stocking over his head.

He demanded money from the woman, and then took her to her bedroom where he struck her repeatedly in the head with the gun.

The woman then told the man that he would find her purse in the kitchen.

The suspect and the woman went in there, and found another man.

That man fled, while the woman was giving over her purse to the other suspect.

The man also got away with jewelry and rare coins.

Nearly four hours after the robbery, officers tracked the suspects to a residence on North Street where they located 18 year old Dejean 'D.J' Cannedy and a 16 year old male suspect.

The victims family tells 27 NEWSFIRST, victim, Marsha Perkins, recognized the voice of the attackers as her former students from Bellview and Mayfield Elementary.

Officers recovered the two stolen firearms from a bedroom inside the residence where the two suspects were located.

The jewelry and coins were also recovered.

Cannedy is facing several charges and is being lodged in the Madison County Detention Center.

The juvenile is also facing charges and is being lodged in the Fayette County Juvenile Detention Center pending a hearing.

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