UK, ETSU players and coaches speak out on game tonight

It's a big day in the big easy for the big blue.

Tonight Kentucky will take on East Tennessee State in its first round game of the NCAA tournament and the excitement for tipoff is building.

By all accounts this game should be a warmup for Coach Calipari's Cats considering a 1 seed has never fallen to a 16th seed.

UK is hoping history stays on their side tonight.

Brandon Fisher spoke to some of the players for East Tennessee State.

Tommy Hubbard, the teams forward says, "it has to be done someday, a year from now, ten years from now, only thing we can do is be well prepared and ready to play."

It sure is the right attitude to have when your trying to do the unthinkable.

For East Tennessee State it starts with believing.

Coach Murry Bartow says, "I think the mental part of it is big, that they can win this game, if we do these things well and really believe that, but obviously we know have to play our best game of the year."

At the same time the Cats know what's at stake.

UK forward Patrick Patterson says, "if we lose, were done, can't play anymore, our season is over. We have big dreams, we want a national title, no one can overlook them."

"When you're in this tournament anything can happen. At some point, a #16 is going to beat a #1, I just hope it's not in New Orleans," Coach Cal says.

And so does the entire big blue nation.

Coach Calipari has been delievering a message to his team, simply land the plane.

He's told the players there's going to be a lot of stuff coming at you, just land the plane and move on.

Everyone will wait and see if that works tonight when the Cats tipoff against East Tenessee State in game one of the NCAA Tournament, seen on WKYT at 7:15 pm.

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