Kentucky State Police warn of possible scam artists

Kentucky State Police want to warn people about Irish Travelers, who have been observed in the Bowling Green area.

These Home Improvement "Scam Artists" are reportedly soliciting citizens.

Some of the scams are as follows:

Barn Painting. The paint comes off the barn during first or second rain.

Driveway Blacktopping. Blacktop is 2 inches thick at beginning and end of driveway, but only ½ thick in most areas.

Driveway Sealing. Sealant has large amounts of kerosene in mixture and looks good for a few days and disappears during a couple of rains.

Roofing Project. Scam Artist inspect your roof for free, and unknowing to the victim, cause damage to the roof and request to fix it.

These "Scam Artists" use high-pressure sales tactics, especially on senior citizens.

Officials are advising people to be careful when dealing with these criminals, and remember to notify your local, county, or State Police agencies if you encounter them.

Most drive late model pickup trucks with South Carolina license plates.

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