Players: Some people want to see UK fall

Tonight the Cats will hit the hardwood to compete in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

Fans in the big easy and here in the big blue nation are ready to cheer on the team.

Brandon Fisher reports.

Coach Calipari has talked to a number of former coaches, looking for some kind of metaphor to motivate his team and he got a pretty unique one from former pistons Coach Chuck Daly….

No matter where you turn, the critics are out there and even though the big blue nation stems from coast to coast, there are those who want to see UK fall off their pedestal.

Eric Bledsoe,UK guard says, "we feel like that, a lot of times, you be reading stories, people be saying stuff that doesn't make any sense, we look through it."

John Wall, UK guard says, "it's a motivating thing, we just proven everybody wrong, not try to make any problems or start anything…."

DeMarcus Cousins, UK forward says, "let's be honest, we know there's people out there, that hate our guts, they what the gut feeling is, uk should not it's, that's how it is."

And when your facing a one in done situation game in and game out, Coach Cal says, "land the plane, survive and advance, it's all were thinking about."

East Tennessee is 2-9 all time during the NCAA tournament, UK on the other hand has 98 wins and 44 losses….

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