'Armchair' coaches lend their advice for a UK win

Big blue fans have their own ideas about what the cats need to do to win tonight.

Elizabeth Dorsett talked to a few armchair coaches, who've made the trip to the big easy.

Wildcat fans say New Orleans has been a great stop on the road to a National Championship, and some of the "coaches" we've talked to say they know what it'll take for the cats to go all the way.

"Got to start shooting better, cause they're having trouble against the 2-3 zone."

"Just come out and get ready to play and think everything will be fine."

"wall, he's done a good job not turning it over. That's one of his issues, him not turning it over and getting the ball to Cousins and Patrick having a good game."

"Rebounds. We need to make those rebounds."

Overall fans in New Orleans say they just want to see a blowout.

UK vs. ETSU tips off on WKYT at 7:15 pm.

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