Drivers react to rising gas prices once again

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A new study released this month indicates rising spring temperatures will mean rising prices at the pump once again, only this time it's coupled with a recession.

The question is how will drivers in the bluegrass be affected and have old driving habits changed for the better?

Dave Spencer talked with drivers and has their reaction to the study.

Drivers say they've seen the price at the pump and it doesn't make them happy.

A recent study conducted by the Natural Resource Defense Council says Kentucky drivers, in particular are affected by the rising price of oil.

It says in 2009 the average person in Kentucky spent 5% of an annual salary on gasoline, about $1,500 dollars.

People in New York by contrast spent only 2.5% on gas last year or $1,200 per person.

The same study says out of the 50 states Kentucky ranks 6th in the country for the percentage of salary spent on gas.

Officials who conducted the study say if gas prices spike again, Kentucky drivers will likely spend close to $3,000 dollars a year on gas, double what was spent in 2009.