Lexington Police search the home and business of Winchester Towing owner

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Police use warrants to search Winchester Towing for more than 12 hours, but won't say exactly what officers were looking for.

Mike Winchester, the man who is the subject of the search, tells 27 NEWSFIRST officers came to his home just after midnight Thursday morning.

Saying the police were looking for business records and receipts and says while searching the home, kept him in handcuffs.

Winchester was arrested earlier this month on more than 30 counts of theft by deception.

Police say Winchester is towing where he doesn't have jurisdiction, then over charging or price gouging customers when they come to get their impounded vehicles.

Charges Winchester disputes, he's pleaded not guilty and is free on bond.

Police say it's been building a case against Winchester for months and the search warrants are just part of the investigation.

State and local environmental officials were also on hand, police say they're assisting in the search but won't elaborate.

City officials say environmental agents took samples to be analyzed, but again won't give any other details.

Winchester says they were likely looking for oil or antifreeze dumped illegally, but he denies the accusations saying they have recently cleared an inspection from environmental agencies.

Winchester says he plans to go forward with a lawsuit against the police department, saying in the meantime he will conduct business as usual and hopes customer loyalty will win out.