Almost everything stops for UK game

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It may not be the first place that comes to mind when you're deciding where to watch the game, but the crowd at the Kentucky Theatre didn't come to watch a movie. "When we first got here, we were like, do we have to be quiet?" UK fan Hannah Simms said as she and a group of friends watched the Wildcats play East Tennessee State on the theater's big screen, "and then we were like, well we're going to cheer."

Next door organizers of a film festival tried their best to keep their screenings undisturbed. "We were worried when we started this because our film is kind of a quiet film, and we could hear the sound a little bit," the festival's John Robinson told 27 Newsfirst.

And festival staff members weren't about to miss the game themselves. "I've got it on my iPhone," Robinson said, "I've been streaming it live on my iPhone from my cable at home."

Not everyone who had to work could stay connected to the game. Firefighters at Station 20 ni Lexington were called out just before tipoff. "The call takes precedent over the game of course," Firefigther Henry Stevens said, "you just kind of throw it out of your mind for a minute cause you know you got to go do your job, so you know job comes first always."

But back at the station the game was a welcome relief in between duties. "Well, you kind of want to know what the score is. Just like most people, I guess. You kind of want to know what the score is 'cause you know the game's done started by now," Stevens said, "so you just kind of get in here right quick and catch the radio, TV, whatever you got to listen to, and you try to find out right quick what the score is."

At work or at play, the game drew people from all walks of life and graced screens big and small.

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