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It's Kentucky's busiest road, Interstate 75. It stretches from the Ohio border to Tennessee and sees hundreds of thousands of drivers each year and hundreds of accidents. We wanted to find out where you are most likely to be involved in a crash and it seems you may need to drive more careful closer to home. In our investigation we looked at a stretch of road from Williamstown to Williamsburg.

I-75 danger Zones

Thousands travel the nearly 200 miles of Interstate 75 through Kentucky daily. Each year there are hundreds of accidents some are minor, but many are deadly. Newsfirst compiled pages of data from the Kentucky State Police over a four year period looking at accidents along the interstate.

Since 2004 there have been a total of nearly 9500 accidents along I-75, border to border. We chose five areas along 75 in central and southern Kentucky looking for danger zones.

The Top Three Danger Zones:

#3--The stretch of road between mile markers 99 to 76. From the madison county line to berea, there have been 936 accidents in that area, 186 injuries and seven deaths.

#2--The area from Berea to London mile marker 76-38. Along that stretch of road we counted 953 accidents, 214 injuries and 13 deaths.

#1--It was right in our back door at mile marker 120 at the Fayette County line to the Madison line at mile marker 99. In four years this stretch of road racked up over one thousand accidents with 325 injuries and four fatalities.

With those statistics we decided to hit the road with a driving expert, Lilla Mason with AAA.

Once in the car, I asked her to point out potential hazards for me as I drove along I-75 in Fayette County, right off the bat she spotted a hazard.

"For instance this truck that just came onto the interstate-that entrance ramp wasn't long enough or straight enough for him to get up to 65 miles for him to merge onto the interstate, you had to change lanes, now if you had a wall of cars beside you that's a problem." said Lilla Mason, AAA.

Mason says it isn't surprising the stretch of I-75 in Fayette County is accident prone. She says it can be attributed to the high volume of traffic, a number of exits with a lot of merging and sometimes construction.

"When you come into this kind of slowed down traffic one of the biggest causes of accidents in these cases is in attention." said Mason.

Remembering to stay focused Mason says will keep you safe while trucking down the interstate.

The safest area in the last four years of the five areas we looked at-the stretch of road between London and Williamsburg, mile markers 38 to 11. In that area there were only 578 accidents with148 injuries and 11 fatalities.

For this story we compiled pages of data from the Kentucky State Police. The numbers in our story are from the Criminal Identification and Records Branch and date back to 2004. Below you will find the statistics for each year for each area on the interstate we studied.

Below are the totals by year for each section of the interstate studied. The top Danger Zone is the area between Mile Markers 120 in Fayette Co. to 99 in Madison Co.

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