Gas War In Eastern Kentucky Making Drivers Happy

We've all felt it at one time or another, the pain at the gas pump.

In Lexington, prices for a gallon of unleaded have hovered around $3.00 for most of the summer.

But in the last few weeks, prices have dropped. We found it below $2.50 at some stations today.

It's even lower in West Liberty, in Morgan County, where two stations are battling for business.

It's even causing traffic jams downtown.

Prices between an APPCO station, and a nearby Chevron keep falling lower and lower. On Wednesday, both were hovering around $2.26 a gallon.

This all started at the APPCO station, where employees have been told not to talk about the reason they're selling gas well below other stations in the area.

The Chevron station took notice, and so far, has matched APPCO decrease for decrease.

Employees at the Chevron, where they temporarily ran out of unleaded gas Wednesday afternoon, have been told that as soon as they find out APPCO has lowered its price again, they should match it immediately.

In case you're wondering, those were the only two stations in Morgan County selling gas well below the average price in the area.

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