Family pet injures Laurel County toddler

A daily trip to visit a family pet, turns dangerous when the dog bites and injures a toddler.
The young girl's grandmother had to fight the animal off during the incident on Terrell's Creek Road, in Laurel County.
Madison McQueen is listed in fair condition at UK Hospital as of Sunday night.
The child is making progress after her grandparents and a neighbor rescued her from the family's 2-year-old Great Dane.
Family members say taking one-and-a-half-year-old Madison McQueen to pet their three dogs was something they did each day.
Next-door-neighbor James McFadden says the family's Great Dane, Wolfie is a "good dog."
Family members say they're not sure what made Wolfie bite Madison, but when her grandmother Abby Gillam tried to stop the dog, Wolfie attacked Abby.
"I heard her hollering over at the barn. She's hollering, help, help," said McFadden.
McFadden says the child's grandfather was the first to reach them.
"He ran over there and got the dog off of him and when I got over there, her and the baby was at the end of the barn, and I got the baby and brought it back to the house," said McFadden.
McFadden called 911 and waited with Madison.
Doctors treated Abby at a nearby hospital and released her that day.
As for Madison, paramedics took her to UK Hospital with injuries to her face, legs, and groin.
Madison's mother Jennifer McQueen says she expects her daughter to be released Monday and to make a full recovery.