Longtime community center closing its doors

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A center that's been serving the community for seven decades says it's closing its doors.

The Manchester Center on Patterson Street in Lexington will shutdown later this summer.

Wendy Enneking tells us why.

The Manchester Center occupies a portion of the community center in Lexington's Irishtown area.

It has served the needs of low-income residents for 70 years.

But it will soon be closing for good.

Marty Jones is the executive director of Manchester Center.

He says the slowing economy contributed to the decision to close.

"You hear about unemployment and how it affects the for-profit sector but it certainly affects the non-profit sector as well because we depend on individuals to donate money and when their money is down it certainly hurts as well."

Low-income residents in the area utilize numerous services, including a head start program and a summer youth program.

There is also a clothing bank and several other social services.

Staff members at the Manchester Center are doing all they can to ensure their clients continue to receive the services the center provides with other providers.

The Manchester Center is scheduled to close on June 30th.

The Community Action Council is assisting the Manchester Center in helping their clients transition to other providers.

The center employs eight staff members who will have to find new jobs due to the closure.

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