Detective Resigns After Porn Is Discovered On City Computer

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A Georgetown police detective has resigned amid allegations he had pornographic videos on a city computer.

Detective Tom Bell spent 18 years investigating crimes for Georgetown Police But in April Mayor Karen Tingle-Sames and the city started to investigate the detective.

27 NEWSFIRST obtained complaint filed against Detective Bell.
According to the complaint an audit of his work computer revealed 34 pornographic videos.

"It was during a training exercise they used a computer and that's when some inappropriate materials popped up and it made us look at further equipment," said Mayor Karen Tingle-Sames.

It was determined the videos and unauthorized software were loaded on Bell's computer, under his password during a time no one else had access to the computer.
So the city suspended the Detective without pay.

The mayor says there is zero tolerance for any pornographic materials for any city employee. But she adds what's even more disturbing is how the detective watched the videos.

According to the complaint, the officer downloaded unauthorized software to his computer while at the police station and watched the videos violating copyright laws.
Detective Bell in his resignation letter said he clearly "denies the allegations". He went on to say it's been "emotionally and financially difficult on Him and his family."

27 NEWSFIRST did talk to detective Bell today he said he had no comment about the allegations or his resignation.

However in his resignation letter he denied the allegation. The city says the resignation came one day before he was to have a public hearing.

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