Diabetes Alert Day

24 million Americans are living with diabetes, four hundred thousand of those right here in Kentucky.

March 23rd is National Alert Day, a day set aside to encourage people to join in the fight against diabetes.

One Lexington business is joining the fight by asking you to give back.

Stewart Perry has been living with diabetes for years.

"If you get diabetes its not a death sentence automatically, what it is, it's a sentence of care for yourself." said Steward Perry a volunteer and former board chair for the American Diabetes Association.

That's why he's here getting an eye exam.

Diabetes is the number one leading cause of blindness, doctors say patients need to watch for even the slightest change in eyesight.

"One of the biggest things we see in here as a presenting complaint would be somebody shows up and they have some significant prescription change. Were talking from going to farsighted to near sighted." said Dr. Randall Lambirth, a Lexington Optometrist.

To spread the word in Lexington, Dr. Randall Lambirth and LensCrafters are partnering with the American Diabetes Association for Diabetes Alert Day.

"Its one day where we hope everyone will focus on the cause of diabetes." said Perry.

To do that, the folks at LensCrafters want you to help those less fortunate and in turn get some vital information on diabetes just by walking in the door.

"You bring in your old unused glasses and you donate. Whether it be non prescription sunglasses, prescription glasses or just over the counter readers."said Adam Bentley with LensCrafters.

The glasses will be recycled and be donated to the One Sight Program, a foundation that focuses on improving vision through outreach.

People donating old glasses will receive a gift bag.

The gift bags include information about eye care as well as a free diabetes risk test, it's a win win for eye sight and fighting diabetes.

You can donate your old glasses at either the Hamburg or Lexington Green LensCrafters locations through Saturday.

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