Car crashes into master bedroom of home

A frightening scene for a driver in Lexington late this afternoon after her car barrels into a home.

It happened at Pasadena and Clays Mill Roads.

Police say an 83-year-old woman who, as she was pulling out of her driveway, hit one car, then instead of hitting the brake, hit the gas and came across the street straight for another house, ending up in the master bedroom.

Luckily no one was inside.

The woman was not hurt, just very shaken up by what happened.

The homeowner, Dave Jones, says he was not there, but happened to be driving by and saw all the commotion.

"I saw it. I was at the light and saw the fire trucks, and the Camry in my house, what you think, how the heck did that happen?"

Jones has insurance and is thankful no one was hurt.

The home does not have any major structural damage, and the family can still live there.

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