Officials outline traffic plan for spring meet at Keeneland

It's the racing event that draws thousands of people to Kentucky each spring and that means big traffic trouble for folks trying to get to Keeneland.

Today, officials outlined their plan to make it easier on race-goers.

Gabriel Roxas tells us how.

Few could argue with Keeneland CEO Nick Nicholson about the region's readiness for Spring, but one of the season's favorite pastimes comes with a downside.

"One of the unintended consequences of an increased crowd is increased traffic," says Nicholson.

Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry says the goal of the changes is to minimize the traffic while maintaining Keeneland's surge in popularity.

"All across the country racetracks are seeing a decline in their on track attendance. One of the exceptions to that rule has been Keeneland, where just the reverse has been going on."

The two men highlighted some of the improvements they hope will result in a more efficient and more enjoyable experience.

"The combination of getting people off of Versailles Road and Man-O-War sooner, getting to their parking place sooner and up to the grandstand sooner, back to their cars, and out of the area sooner, is a much improved situation," says Nicholson.

Nicholson says the six-figure investment in infrastructure improvements is just the first step in the future of Keeneland's growth.

Keeneland's spring meet runs from April 2 to the 23rd.

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