Standoff outside Walmart ends peacefully

Police say a man, who locked himself inside his car with a gun outside the Walmart on New Circle Road, surrendered around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Police blocked off the area just after 4 Tuesday afternoon, after they say the man threatened to shoot himself right outside the front doors of the store. The man later identified as 27-year old Richard Burnett of Paris parked his car in the loading zone in front of the store. Someone saw him waving the gun and called police. Police say Burnett was distraught over a domestic issue.

As a precaution, police did not allow anyone in or out of the store. About 300 shoppers and employeeswere moved to the back of the store before being allowed to leave through the back doors.

Burnett was taken into custody and taken to a medical facility to be checked out.

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