Questions raised over sudden closure of Lawrenceburg car dealership

With a baby on the way, Gary Collins and his wife made the somewhat painful decision to part ways with their sportscar by trading it in to Bill Waits AutoMall in Lawrenceburg for a bigger SUV.

“As far as we knew everything was on the legit,” said Collins.

But just over a month later he got a call saying he still owed payments on the car he had traded in.

“I told them, no, I traded that vehicle off January 29th. They went on to tell me, they didn’t receive a payoff check,” he said.

Collins says the Lawrenceburg car dealership never paid off the car as promised.

“They didn’t transfer the title of the Crossfire over. It’s still titled in my name,” Collins also said.

Collins was in for a bigger shock when he went to the dealership to complain.

“I jumped in my vehicle and went straight to Bill Waits….that’s the day Ford came in and locked the doors,” he said.

A spokesman for the Kentucky Attorney General says they’ve received a half dozen complaints , which were forwarded on to Lawrenceburg Police and the Anderson County Attorney.

The dealership is being sued by at least 3 different organizations, including Ford Motor Company.

According to that suit filed in Anderson Circuit court:

“Defendant (Bill Waits AutoMall) collected funds totaling $296,759.33, and failed to remit them to Ford Credit.”

Another lawsuit, which was still posted on the dealership’s front door as of Tuesday morning, seeks more than $58,000.

Collins wants police to investigate what happened to the car he thought he was trading in….which he’s been told is now basically considered stolen.

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