Man Shoots his Brother

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Police say a man shot his brother and now he is nowhere to be found.

It happened early Tuesday morning in the Kettle Island community of Bell County.

Police are still not releasing any names and so far no charges are filed.
Family members say this was all an accident.

Police say the shooting happened inside a mobile home.

Family members say one brother was trying to get into the home through a bedroom window.

They say the other brother believed someone was breaking in.

That's when one shot was fired.

While family members would not go on camera, they insist this was an accident, saying the two brothers would not mean to hurt each other.

"As far as we know right now he misunderstood who he was. We don't have any knowledge of a fight before hand," said Shane Stewart with the Bell County Sheriff Department.

The victim was air lifted to UT Medical Center with a gun shot wound in his neck.

While many believe this was an accidental shooting, police are still looking for the brother who fired the gun.

Officials say he left the scene right after it happened.

"His family has instructed us that they will cooperate and get him to come speak with us. It makes this difficult but it's something we need to follow up on," said Stewart.

Sheriff Deputies say they hope to talk to the victim once he recovers.

Officials say the victim is in serious condition at the University of Tennessee Hospital.

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