Local Man Survives Minnesota Bridge Collapse

Five people are confirmed dead in the bridge collapse in Minneapolis. It now appears the death toll could be much lower than first expected. Its estimated some 100 people were injured, one of those people who lived to tell about the horrific ordeal was an Eastern Kentucky man.

For every survivor who lived through the collapse of the 35-W bridge, there is a different terrifying account to be told. 25 year old Brian Sturgill of Ashland is one of those people with a story.

"Suddenly when your car you know the nose just goes straight down and I was just holding on as I was going down and I was just thinking in my mind what is going on, it seemed like it was from out of a movie." recounted Brian Sturgill.

A business trip put Sturgill on the bridge at the time of the collapse. Photographs on line show the area where Sturgill's car plummeted into the murky river.

"If you look at the pointer you can see my car right there, this is actually the shirt I had taken off." said Sturgill.

With Sturgill's car halfway under water, he was trapped.

"My first instinct, I got to get out of this car and I tried my door, but I couldn't get out."

Then he went into survival mode, he got out of his car and started helping others.

"My first instinct was to panic and you know you always here that's the worst thing you can do, but I knew I just needed to keep making decisions."

A picture on the front of the Chicago Sun is a grim reminder of what could have happened to Sturgill and the many others. He says he thinks he got off that bridge because of one thing.

" I was really fortunate the heavenly father was looking out for us for all us."

A rescue boat came to pick up Brian and the other survivors he met on the bridge. Someone then picked him up and took him to the hospital, he did injure his back a little.

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