Youngster drowns in decorative fish pond

Stanford, Ky - A two-year-old Lincoln County boy drowned late Friday in a Koi fish pond at a home south of Stanford.

The youngster was identified as Brett Gray. Kentucky State Police reported they received a call from 9-1-1 emergency services advising them the Lincoln County Coroner had been called to Fort Logan Hospital in Stanford and was requesting a KSP unit.

Trooper Eric Taylor responded to the call. When he arrived at the hospital he found that an EMS unit had brought the youngster in but medical personnel advised that it was too late to revive the child.

Reportedly the youngster and his sister were being watched by a grandparent when he stepped inside the house for an ice tea. When he came back out the sister was rushing to tell him her brother was in the pond. The two had been wading in a small plastic pool when Brett Gray apparently wandered over to the nearby fish pond and fell in. The pond had about two feet of water.

An investigation by the KSP and the Department of Social Services is continuing. No foul play is suspected.

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