Flight Attendant Accused Of Alcohol Intoxication Asks Judge For Help

It was a dramatic day in court today for a 26 year old flight attendant.

Sarah Mills, 26, is charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence, terroristic threatening and alcohol intoxication.

An Atlantic Southeast flight scheduled to leave Blue Grass Airport Sunday afternoon was cancelled because it didn't have enough crew members.

Police say Mills was pulled off the plane for being too drunk.

Court records say the captain notified police of Mills, then brought the plane back to the gate where police were were waiting.

Documents state that Mills threatened the captain of the flight saying "you are dead!" as she was escorted off the plane.

It also says Mills admitted to drinking Jack Daniels on board before take off.

The officer says he witnessed her clearly being unstable on her feet.

Soon after, passengers were forced to de-plane because the flight didn't have enough crew members. ASA officials say all passengers were re-accommodated to other flights to Atlanta, but some passengers say they decided not to fly after the incident.

In court, Mills pleaded for help from the judge, because she says she can't afford an attorney.

She says she just got this job and only had fifty dollars in the bank.

The judge set her bond at three hundred and fifty dollars, and ordered her a public defender.

Mills is due back in court August 14th.

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