Guns, jewelry, and money stolen during burglary at home

Richmond Police are investigating a burglary at home, where they say the suspects got away with more than $12,000 worth of loot.

It happened around 4 Tuesday afternoon at a home on Savanna Drive.

Police say a neighbor spotted two men and a woman parked in a red car outside the home.

The neighbor told police the two men broke out a bedroom window. Once inside, police say they stole two shotguns, a rifle, a couple of pistols, a diamond engagement set, five engraved pocket watches, and some money.

Police say the two men didn't racksack the house, Major Bob Mott says, "it appears that they knew what they were looking for."

Major Mott says home invasions are up 25% since the first of the year compared to the first three months of 2009.

Police are encouraging Richmond residents to start neighborhood watch programs of their own.

The people living in the area say they were surprised to hear about the burglary.

"It's kind of freaky, because we got people that live here that teach police officers, friends of police officers, so it's kind of strange that this would happen here," Wayne Park, who lives near the home, said.

Most of the neighbors say the reason they chose to move to the neighborhood was because they felt it was a safe place to live.

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