Officials call accident scene one of the worst on Kentucky's highways

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Tucked away in Munfordville, medical examiners and coroners are hard at work inside a metal warehouse. The van involved in the deadly crash along I-65 this morning was towed there with victims still inside.

The warehouse is guarded at all entrances by police officers, in an effort to give privacy to investigators pulling victims from the van.

Even for the most experienced medical examiners and coroners, this scene has been difficult to deal with.

"Unfortunately, I am a vet of the Carrollton bus crash and Katrina," explained Mike Wilder, who's with the State Medical Examiner's Office.

"Been the most I've been through over the years... this many liked at once" continued Hart County Deputy Coroner Raymond "Bucky" Day.

Day says when he rolled up on the scene, he learned a few people had lost their lives. But, he says he didn't think the death toll would ever reach 11.

He says when he saw children were involved, like many first responders, he thought of his own family.

"Horrendous. Really horrendous. They never had a chance."