Community reacts after family killed in crash

The deaths of 11 people, including 10 members of a Mennonite family, after a crash in Hart County Friday, have devastated people in the community where they live.

The Esh family lived in Marrowbone, which is in Cumberland County.

Despite this horrendous accident, people who knew the family say they haven't lost hope.

The Esh family had a massive impact on their community. One neighbor even told us they were the best people he ever knew.

Neighbors told 27 NEWSFIRST they are in shock, following the crash in Hart County.

The Esh family has known tragedy all too well.

John and Sadie Esh, who were killed in the crash, lost a son to a snowmobile accident.

Just three months ago, their home burned down.

Members of the church were the Eshes attended say if there's any good to come out of this tragedy, it's the fact two young children survived the crash.

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