Family members of UK players stay close on the road

When the Cats hit the road to play in the NCAA Tournament, not only do the players travel together, but so do their families.

The Ortons and Millers took a van together, and the Pattersons later joined them.

27 NEWSFIRST got to spend some time with them Friday afternoon in Syracuse, as they enjoyed a day off before UK's game Saturday against West Virginia.

"We come together as a family because it's important for the guys on the team to get along, as it is for the parents to get along," Larry Orton, Daniel Orton's father said. "It's very important for the parents for them to have a great relationship with each other, but for one another as a team too."

It's common for the families like the Ortons, Pattersons, and Millers to hit the road together to support their boys.

"We're like road warriors," Tywanna Patterson, Patrick Patterson's mother said. "We travel on the road together a lot. We get our conversion van and drive. We spend a lot of time together, so it's been great to support the guys, Patrick and the whole team. They love us being here anyway. It's a lot of fun."

Without a UK game Friday, the families took the day off to relax and enjoy spending time with one another. They also looked back on an incredible season that still isn't over.

UK will play West Virginia in the East Regional Final Saturday night at 7. You can watch the game live on WKYT.

Be sure to stay with WKYT after the game for an special hour long edition of 27 NEWSFIRST, featuring post game coverage, including Coach Cal's comments.

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