Two killed in Woodford County crash

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Police call it one of the worst crashes they've seen. A man and a woman were killed when their car hit a tree late Saturday night.

It happened on Dry Ridge Road in southern Woodford County. Another passenger was badly injured.

This stretch of road has seen multiple fatal crashes in recent years. Police say they've increased patrols, but it's the drivers who need to adapt to the road, not the other way around. "Some of the secondary roadways in Kentucky are very unforgiving," Versailles Police Officer Pat Melton told 27 Newsfirst.

Memorial crosses bare witness to many who have lost their lives in crashes along Dry Ridge Road. Now fresh flowers mark the final resting place of Alexandra Coy and William McDaniel. The two died late Saturday night when their car crashed into a tree and burst into flames. "This is probably one of the worst ones that I personally have ever seen," Melton said.

Police have used speed trailers and increased traffic units in the area, but Melton says it's ultimately up to drivers to help patrol themselves.

Police continue to investigate Saturday's crash, but Melton says it's clear that speed was a factor. "It's a shame that these things have to happen. This was totally avoidable, again common sense approach, slow down, drive reasonably, and you'll be okay," Melton said.

Police say a reconstruction team will study this latest crash over the next week to try to learn more about its cause.

A third passenger, Courtney Cole survived last night's crash.
Paramedics rushed her to UK Hospital where she was in fair condition Sunday night.

An account has been set up for Billy McDaniel at Citizens Commerce National Bank. Donations will help the family with funeral expenses.

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