Radio station asks listeners to help crash victims' family

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WKYR in Burkesville normally plays country music - but not this weekend.

"We stopped our regular programming throughout the day, as often as needed," said general manager Jessie Crabtree.

They're asking for help for family members of the lives lost in Friday morning's crash.

"I'm Jessie just reminding you about the things that the local Mennonite families are in need of today," Crabtree said over the air on Sunday.

Crabtree says they've been flooded with calls from people who want to help.

"You'd be surprised, people want to give, they want to help," said Crabtree.

It's much needed support for those who were close to the 10 people killed when their van was hit by a tractor-trailer on I-65.

The truck driver was also killed.

Two small children inside the van survived.

"The love and generosity from the local people is more than I ever dreamed it would be," said Michael Kauffman.

Kauffman lost his uncle and cousins in the crash.

He now sees just how much the community cares.

"People have vacated their homes, to make sure we have sleeping quarters," said Kauffman.

Along with a place to sleep, everyone has been given food.

Someone even donated a refrigerated semi-trailer - also stocked with food.

Kauffman says he believes in all this, God has a plan.

"Why God chose this I dont know, but it's been great to see how everything pulled together."

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