Local Realtors on alert looking for thieves

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Police are looking into leads after neighbors saw two men roll up in an older, blue Volvo Station Wagon Saturday afternoon to take lumber from a construction site along South Pointe in Lexington.

The owner of the property, Steven Dorn, says an alert neighbor saw the men and took down their license plate number quickly.

Dorn, a Realtor with Rector Hayden, says crimes like these are too common.

"We've seen vacant houses with copper being taken," he explained.

"They get into the crawl space and act like they are supposed to be working on the house, do it in broad daylight, and cut all copper wiring," explained another agent, Jenny Mateyoke.

She says for the second time, a home she's listed has been hit by copper thieves. Over the past few years its a growing concern for all Realtors.

"For what little money they get, its a much bigger cost to the sellers.. they have to make an insurance claim and pay for repair."

While investigators say these two cases are not related, these Realtors are asking everyone with homes for sale or living near new construction to be alert.

"If anyone sees anybody suspicious at a new construction home, or a vacant house, it doesn't hurt to call police," Dorn said.

Lexington Police believe the blue station wagon may be driven by someone from Nicholasville.

The Realtors say if you do leave a home for sale vacant, to check the property often or have a neighbor check it.