Injured skydiver's condition improves at Lexington hospital

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Friends of injured skydiver Justin Hammons says his condition is improving since accident on March 8th, but he still has a long road ahead.

Fellow skydiver and friend of Hammons, Dan Paganini, spoke with 27 NEWSFIRST before heading up north for his job. Paganini is a professional skydiver.

Before leaving Kentucky, he made a stop at Cardinal Hill Hospital, where he says Hammons' condition is improving.

"Compared to the first 24 hours, actually 24 minutes, were thankful where he is today," says Hammons.

Paganini says Hammons has undergone a few surgeries to repair his face and other broken bones and is starting his physical therapy, but says the blow to the head he suffered on his crash landing earlier this month is having lingering affects.

"His head bounced, he took a bad bump to the head," he says.

Slowly but surely, says Paganini, Hammons speech is coming back, although he's still confused at times about the accident and has short term memory loss.

Despite the near death experience, Paganini defends the sport that is both his passion and livelihood, saying the sport isn't as dangerous or crazy as people are led to believe.

He says, "Skydivers always said for years; the two most dangerous parts of skydiving are driving to the airport and driving home."

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