Ambulance carrying patient crashes, flips

A Morgan County ambulance transporting a patient to a Lexington hospital flipped onto its side after being hit by a car Monday night.

Lexington Police say a car didn't hear or see the ambulance going through the intersection of New Circle and N. Broadway and hit the back of it, causing it to turn over.

An 83-year-old patient in the back of the ambulance was taken to UK by another ambulance in critical condition. An EMT was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries -- as was a small child in the car that hit the ambulance.

Lt. Chris Van Brackel of the Lexington Police Department says it appears the car's driver did not see the ambulance coming through the intersection with it's lights and siren on and hit it.

John Slone, who works near the scene, says he saw the ambulance fly into the air, before flipping. He says he has seen many close calls with emergency vehicles in the intersection. Slone says he would like to see something done to alert drivers when emergency vehicles are coming through the intersection.

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