Funeral held for nine members of Mennonite family killed in crash

People from across the country came to a small Kentucky town to say goodbye to nine members of a Mennonite family killed in a crash.

So many people showed up for Tuesday's service for the Esh family, that police were set up outside to handle the crowd.

The service was held in a warehouse building in the Marrowbone community of Cumberland County. It's not far from where the family lived.

The service is considered unprecedented for the small community.

Around 3,500 people, from all over the United States, have signed the guest list for the funeral.

There were 8 caskets at the funeral. The youngest victim of the crash, 2 month-old Jalen, was placed with his mother.

Three generations of the Esh family were killed in the crash last Friday, when a semi hit the family's van on I-65 in Hart County.

A family friend of the Eshes, who was also in the van, was killed, along with the driver of the semi.

The family was buried at a nearby cemetery.

The caskets that the family were buried in were all hand-made in Greensburg.

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