Rest Area Rapist Learns Fate

It's been 3 years since a woman was raped at an I-75 rest area. Since then it's been a roller coaster ride for William Burdine. He was arrested, but escaped for a short while until he was re-apprehended.

Tuesday, Burdine was sentenced to 45 years to prison.

Burdine has been in trouble with the law for two separate crimes, raping a woman at the Kentucky welcome center in Whitley County and escaping from custody while being treated for a medical condition at a Lexington hospital.

He was later caught and told 27NEWSFIRST from a jail cell that he didn't escape but that he was set free.

He also denied that he raped anyone in that interview. But a jury found him guilty of the rape charges and today during his sentencing Burdine had plenty to say.

He said he wanted to make a motion for a new trial because his attorney was incompetent. Every time the judge asked him a question, he said he wanted a new trial and even accused the prosecutor of having so many police in court that he looked like a monster.

After several minutes of verbal exchange, the judge took the jury's recommendation and sentenced Burdine to four and a half decades in prison.

Burdine was sentenced to 5 years on the sexual abuse charge, 20 years on the sodomy charge, and 20 years on the rape charge.

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