Young Murder Victim Will Be Missed At School

A six-year-old boy, killed this weekend in Bourbon County was just days away from starting first grade in Clark County.

Police say Wesley Mullins died from blunt force trauma. His body was found inside his grandfather's garage.

Teachers at Strode Station Elementary in Winchester, trying to cope with the loss, are preparing for the challenge of providing answers to tough questions from his young classmates.

Amy Reece is getting her classroom ready for another school year, but she's doing so with tears in her eyes. Mullins was a kindergarten student in her class just last year. She describes him as a fun-loving kid who was well liked and extremely active.

When kids come back to school next week, teachers know the youngsters will have questions about what happened to their friend. School counselor Nancy Tapp says teachers will have kids drawing pictures as a way for them to express their feelings about what happened. If more action is necessary, she'll talk to students one-on one.

Teachers at Strode Station Elementary expect to play an important role in allowing their kids to reach closure in a sad chapter in the school's history.

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